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A Healthy and Happy Start to the Year

By 30 December 2019Borough Care News

After the excesses of Christmas, the New Year is a great opportunity to get back into a healthy routine. Many people will be opting for ‘Dry January’, a crash diet, or a brand-new exercise regime. Here at Borough Care, we have a healthy approach to nutrition and exercise all year round, which is vital to keeping your loved one fit and well.


We are lucky to have a dedicated and talented in-house catering team that works hard to ensure our residents receive the support they need to eat nutritious and delicious meals.

Older people have specific nutritional requirements such as a higher recommended intake of Vitamin D, through supplements and food; or the need to eat regular amounts of fatty acid found in oily fish, to preserve eye health and strengthen the immune system. However, a lack of appetite and difficulty digesting certain foods are all common issues for older people, making it difficult to get the nutrients they need.

We work closely with our catering partner, apetito, who have a team of dieticians and nutritionists at their disposal to research and develop high calorie, nutrient rich food that is both easy to eat and delicious.

We work directly with residents and relatives to provide food that meets their needs but crucially, that they really enjoy eating. Technology also plays a part in helping us ensure your loved one is enjoying a healthy diet. Through our Person-Centred Software, we are able to track what your loved one has eaten, so we can address any nutritional concerns quickly, before they become a problem.


Staying active is such an important part of staying well for older people. It helps to boost energy; maintain independence; protect from heart conditions; reduce falls; manage symptoms of illness or pain; as well as maintaining a healthy weight. Regular exercise is good for mind, mood, and memory too. So, it goes without saying that exercise has become an integral part of our routine at Borough Care.

Back in 2018, and in partnership with Life Leisure Stockport, we introduced Simple Movements Improve Life Everyday (SMILE). The SMILE programme provides fun, engaging and adaptable exercise and physical activity sessions for older adults and those with long term health conditions or disabilities, to help improve physical and mental health and wellbeing. Check out the noticeboard in your loved one’s home to find out when we’re running our next SMILE session.

We also run monthly tea dances, starting at 2pm at Offerton Community Centre, on the second Monday of every month. The dances are open to residents, relatives and friends from every home in our Borough Care family.

Dancing is an incredibly good form of exercise, helping with balance, stamina and muscle strength. And, the nostalgic music set from our live performers helps trigger fond memories for our residents living with dementia.

If you would like to find out more about your relative’s diet or involvement in exercise, please speak to a member of staff. We’re here for any advice or support that you or your loved one may need.