Dining at Borough Care

Borough Care’s mission is to create environments in which older people can stay well and live ‘Life in Colour.’ Colour on a plate is a priority, as mealtimes can be the highlight of residents’ days, and something they look forward to. Our Catering Team conducts one-to-one resident and family meetings to promote specific eating habits and to ensure our residents are at the forefront of the overall dining experience. We strive to make personalisation key and recently launched new four-week menu cycles, which are different in each home and change depending on preferences.

View our sample menus: Weekday Menu / Sunday Menu / Event Menu

High-quality Service

Head of Catering and Hospitality, Tony is supported by Cook Team Managers Denise and Helen. Together, they work closely with the catering crew members within each of our 12 care homes to provide a high-quality service to residents, making sure that it caters for their specific and individual needs. This could mean vegans and vegetarians, those with allergies, or residents who cannot eat independently.

Serving food to residents daily must include freshness and quality at a good price. This is to ensure that we are giving our residents great value for money and using top quality suppliers. We involve and communicate with residents and their families to make sure they are central to the dining experience in their home.

For so many of us, our daily lives revolve around food – we wake up thinking about what we’re going to have for breakfast, lunch and dinner to help us through the day and give us something to look forward to. At Borough Care, we know that this is also the case for a huge number of our residents, who love to eat and who want to make sure they eat well.

We are firm believers that meals don’t need to be boring, and we’re passionate about ensuring that our residents leave each and every mealtime feeling satisfied.

Exciting Events

Each home has an Activity and Lifestyle Facilitator (ALF). Their role is to get to know residents and make sure they are experiencing enjoyable moments everyday – from dropping off a favourite newspaper or joining them on a stroll to the local shop.

The Catering Team works closely with each care home’s ALF to shape menus around events, including our weekly buffets which take place at every home. They design menus around the various event themes and get the residents involved.

Previous events have been themed around Greek cuisine, cheese and wine, and the circus. There are more permanent calendar fixtures, too – one home has a monthly afternoon tea, giving relatives, staff and residents a chance to catch-up, and classics such as Sunday roasts are menu staples.

Loved ones can expect invitations to family and community events all year round. Together, we celebrate all of the annual holidays and important calendar dates such as Mothers’ and Fathers’ Day.

Meet Tony

Head of Catering and Hospitality at Borough Care

Best known for his ability to always create ‘colour on a plate’, Tony is our Head of Catering and Hospitality here at Borough Care. Tony’s favourite thing about working as part of the Catering and Hospitality team is being there for the residents, seeing them smile after a plate of food, or just showing some care. He loves to stop and have a chat with them whenever he can, whilst being creative and adding value where possible.

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Our Partnerships


apetito is the leading food producer for the health and social care sector, providing delicious, nutritious and sustainable meals for people at home or in care. Through a wide range of well-presented, nutritious meals to suit every taste and dietary need, apetito aims to make a real difference to lives of older and vulnerable people in care.

Vegetarian For Life

We developed a partnership with Vegetarian for Life, an organisation which represents older vegetarians and vegans, to gain accreditations for all our homes. We continue to work with our catering teams to expand the range of options available to vegetarians, vegans, and those who simply don’t fancy the meat option on any given day!

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