High quality, personal care

No two people are the same, so there can never be one single care solution. We pride ourselves on our flexible approach to caring for our residents. We have over 20 years’ experience in supporting people with a wide range of needs and understand the uniqueness of each individual and their families.

We know that choosing a care home is a big decision and you need to know that essential care needs are met. That’s why we work with our residents and their families to ensure that every person in our care has a Personal Support Plan. This means looking in detail at what’s important to the individual.

We use state-of-the-art, electronic systems, to evidence our care in real time; document health and medication data; record what your loved one has to eat or drink; and note the highlights of their social life. Using such technology give our carers extra time every day to spend with the people they care for.

Life in Colour

Our whole approach, embraced by our fully-trained staff, is to encourage every resident to live the most fulfilled and valuable lives, focused on quality relationships for the well-being and happiness of all those who choose to live with us, and their families.

We have strong ties to the local community and partnerships with others who help extend our range of services. We have regular visits from hairdressers, aromatherapists, nail technicians, masseuses, local faith groups, mobile libraries, etc. But the highlights of many residents’ weeks are the huge range of activities, exercise and excursions planned to add a daily dose of fun and stimulation: it can be a simple game of chair basketball; visits from local schools; a session of Kung Fu squash; or trips to the zoo, parks, or seaside!

This is all arranged by our fun-loving Activity Lifestyle Facilitators:

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A little extra Oomph!

Exercise and wellbeing are extremely important for healthy, happy residents. Working with ‘Oomph! Wellness’ we have trained our staff so they can deliver story-based, exercise sessions in homes. Each session has a different theme and uses props and music used to bring the story to life.

We also run the SMILE (Simple Movements Improve Life Every day) fitness programme in association with Life Leisure. Open to all residents and their families hoping to work up a very gentle sweat, this exercise regime is tailored specifically to help residents become stronger and more confident when mobilising.

Perfect for Pat; brilliant for Bob

We want to know every individual: their history, aspirations and personal tastes are understood, recognised, and respected and inform how they are cared for, every day. It may be as small as how they take their tea, or as big as their ambition to climb Everest, but it’s all about a home where people feel as independent and in control as possible.

Our residents have led rich and exciting lives, and many are completely able to continue to do so. Some may want to learn new skills, some may want to teach others about their experiences, and some might simply want an active social life. So, why should that all come to a standstill simply because they are in a care home? We won’t let it!

Dining at Borough Care

For so many of us, our daily lives revolve around food – we wake up thinking about what we’re going to have for breakfast, lunch and dinner to help us through the day and give us something to look forward to. At Borough Care, we know that this is also the case for a huge number of our residents, who love to eat and who want to make sure they eat well.

We are firm believers that meals don’t need to be boring, and we’re passionate about ensuring that our residents leave each and every mealtime feeling satisfied.

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