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Bringing Residents and Their Families Safely Back Together

The past few months have been extremely challenging for everyone, as the Covid 19 pandemic affected all our lives. 12 weeks on and our homes are currently free from Covid-19 thanks, in no small part, to the efforts of our staff, residents and their families.

We understand how difficult it has been for families not to see their loved ones during lockdown, but we are pleased to say that we are now putting plans in motion to re-introduce limited home visiting, which will allow family members to meet, face-to-face, with the required social distancing.

However, we cannot let our guard down. Covid-19 has not gone away, and your loved ones’ health remains our top priority. We may still face positive Covid-19 cases in the future so our high standards of care and robust infection control procedures must be maintained to limit the chance of a further outbreak.

This means that, for the safety of everyone involved, we will initially apply very strict criteria to visits. These include:

  • No more than two people will be allowed to visit any resident at one time (no children at this time);
  • All visits will take place in the garden area with no access to the building;
  • Seating areas with social distancing signs will be clearly marked;
  • On arrival, we will take your temperature and ask you to complete a short questionnaire;
  • You will be given gloves and a mask and required to wear them throughout your visit;
  • Unfortunately, you must not touch your family member;
  • All visits will be time limited.

Home Managers have begun contacting the recorded next of kin, or those with Power of Attorney to arrange a visit. After the first visit, families can let the manager know who is nominated to visit next time.

Families will have received a letter in the post setting out the details of how and when they will be contacted, as well as a more detailed guide to the criteria and infection control procedures that will need to be adhered to during their visit.

We understand how difficult this separation has been for families and how important this contact is for everyone’s emotional wellbeing. We hope that in the future, and by following the rules for visits, we will be able to welcome more people back and for longer in the future, while keeping your loved ones safe.