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Celebrating Christmas with a Loved One in Care

By 10 December 2019Borough Care News

Christmas is steeped in family tradition and each family does things their own way. So, when a loved one moves into residential care, it can mean change, which is unsettling to the whole family. However, Christmas can still be a wonderful, celebratory time of year – with a few tweaks to your traditional celebration!

Year One

If this year is the first time that your loved one is in a home for Christmas, it can be good to acknowledge this. We would recommend speaking to your loved one about it to find out how they are feeling. They may want to talk about it, or they may not. Christmas can highlight for both residents and their families how things have changed and your loved one may have some very definitive ideas about how they would like to celebrate.

Keep Traditions Alive

If you and your loved one would like to be together for Christmas Day this year, then please speak to us about how and if we can make this happen. At Borough Care we want to do everything we can to support our residents wishes and make a home visit possible if we can. Once we know what you and your loved one have planned, we can put a plan together for you with important medication information, nutritional advice and ensure we have staff on hand to help your loved one in and out of transport on the day.

Join us on Christmas Day

If your loved one is unable to leave our home due to illness, frailty, a long-term condition or through their choice, then you are very welcome to join us on this most special of days. Our talented team of cooks will be rustling up a fantastic festive feast on the day, and our dedicated Activity and Lifestyle Co-ordinators will have organised some traditional entertainment. Speak to our staff about what we have planned on the day so you can time your visit to join in with our fun and vibrant plans.

Get That Festive Feeling

Christmas is so much more than just one day, a large part of the fun is the activities leading up to the big day…cards, decorations, buying Christmas gifts. You can still involve your loved one in these activities and help to give them that festive feeling.

If your loved one has always been diligent with sending Christmas cards, they may want this to continue. On a visit prior to Christmas, sit down together to write the cards together as they will likely need some help. You could also speak to staff about hanging a card holder in their room to display the Christmas cards they have received.

Bring some of their decorations from home to decorate their room, this will make it feel more like home, and will be a great reminisce project if your loved one is living with dementia.

Help your relative write a list of gifts they would like to send this year and perhaps indulge in a spot of online shopping together, once the gifts arrive, you can wrap and write the tags together on one of your visits.


Christmas is a magical time of year, but it can also highlight the way things have changed, make sure your loved one has a fantastic Christmas this year by planning ahead. If you would like more advice, please speak to a member of the Borough Care Team.