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Enjoying Autumn in our Gardens

By 21 October 2020Borough Care News

Autumn is a magical time of year. The changing colours of the trees; the crunch of leaves underfoot; and the feeling of crisp sunshine on your face.

This year, with our residents unable to take in the autumn air in public spaces outside of our homes, due to lockdown, we have been doing as much as we can to ensure they can still enjoy the beauty of the season.

We’re lucky that each of our homes can boast large, landscaped gardens that our residents can venture out into whenever they want. We know the benefit of fresh air and exercise when it comes to keeping an older person fit and well; working up an appetite; and ensuring a good night’s sleep. This is why we have been encouraging the following activities this month:


Wrapping Up for a Walk

Walking lowers the risk of heart disease, stroke, colon cancer and diabetes. It also strengthens bones, preventing osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. This is why we encourage residents to take a turn about the garden whenever they can.


Potting & Planting

Now is the time to be clearing leaves and dried plants out of our gardens to make room for planting spring bulbs. We’ve been encouraging residents to get into the garden to do some sweeping or weeding – both of which are great exercise! We’re also encouraging residents to take part in our group planting sessions, which will give us all something to look forward to when the bulbs flower in spring.



The UK is home to some beautiful birds that make our gardens their home. We’re encouraging residents to learn more about these birds, either from the comfort of one of our warm and toasty conservatories, or by heading into the gardens to see the birds up close.


Exercise Classes

With our partners at Life Leisure, we created the SMILE fitness programme a few years ago. It’s a specialist exercise programme, designed for older people, to build strength and fitness in an achievable way. Recently, if the sun has been shining, we’ve been encouraging residents to complete their exercise classes outside. It certainly gets the blood flowing.


Please be reassured that despite these unsettling times, we are doing everything we can to provide variety, fun and fresh air to daily life at Borough Care. Keep following us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to see all the latest, life in colour, pictures.