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Forging Friendships at Borough Care

Meet Irene and Liz, two ladies who came to live at Reinbek separately but have since become great friends!

Friendship is hugely important to us all, finding like-minded people we can connect with helps us to be happy, feel a sense of belonging, reduces stress, and improves our mood.

Despite not knowing each other before they moved into the same Borough Care Home, Liz and Irene felt that instant connection of friendship and spend much of their time together, enjoying a glass of wine and a giggle, watching the same dramas together on television, enjoying a boogie at our monthly tea dance, and (the activity they are most famous for) singing duets on our karaoke machine!

Irene, who is 68, was the first to move in with us. Her husband Barry is often at Reinbek, volunteering in our garden and joining us on our pre-lockdown outings. Irene and Barry had their family in Reddish, three boys and one girl, and Irene worked as a home carer in Stockport for most of her career. Knowing that Irene has such a close friendship with Liz has been a real comfort for Barry and the children, especially during lockdown.

Liz was born and raised in beautiful Alnwick in Northumberland where she met her late husband Peter. Liz worked as a hairdresser and had two sons, Stephan and Nicholas. Unfortunately, Peter passed away several years ago and, after suffering a stroke in 2019, Liz needed the 24-hour support and care we offered at Reinbek. Liz has five grandchildren who bring her much joy and comfort, and in the words of her son: “Liz is a very chatty person spending the best times of her life with friends and family…and a glass of wine!”

Many people worry that moving into a care home can be lonely, but this couldn’t be further from the truth at Borough Care. Our homes are places of laughter and fun, where true friendships are born, and life is lived in colour. Every home has something different to offer. You can find out more about our homes on our website.