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Intergenerational Fun and Games

By 24 January 2020Borough Care News

Intergenerational activities and relationships are so important. In modern life, it can be much more difficult for those in different age groups to mix socially and have meaningful relationships. This can result in social isolation, as well as a lack of understanding and awareness, that can promote negative stereotypes and attitudes.

Young and old people have so much to learn from each other! Spending time together can build on the strengths that different generations have to offer; nurturing understanding and mutual respect, and challenging ageism. Spending time together on different projects and initiatives can also have wonderful effects on the local community.

We do our best to facilitate and organise intergenerational events and activities for the benefit of our residents, for younger people and for our local communities.

In the last month alone, we have welcomed lots of young people through our doors, including:

  • Bredbury and Woodford Cadets, who popped into Silverdale for a cup of tea and a chat with our residents. So many of our residents have experience of, or connections with, the armed services, and each group found each other’s stories fascinating.
  • At Reinbek, our new bingo caller, Liam from Stockport Grammar, did a fantastic job entertaining our residents. Other Stockport Grammar students got competitive with our residents as Liam called out the all-important numbers 😉
  • Boogie Beats brought music, dancing and fun to Reinbek as residents and toddlers enjoyed dancing and games.
  • Reinbek also welcomed local Cubs and Beavers for an arts and crafts session that saw our residents’ pair up with the children to produce some delicious looking marshmallow creations.

If you are a school or organisation who would be interested in working with us on an intergenerational project, we would love to hear from you, simply get in touch!

Our doors are always open to fun and exciting events, and we are always ready to hop on the Borough Care bus and come to you, to experience new things and meet new people. After all, we think everyone, no matter their age, deserves a ‘life in colour’!