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Our Life in Colour Employee award winners – Borough Care

By 7 October 2022Borough Care News

We celebrated our Life in Colour Employee Awards on Thursday 6th of October with a huge award ceremony at the Alma Lodge Hotel in Stockport. The Life in Colour Employee Awards are a recognition of the incredible work that our team does every single day to ensure that our residents always live life in colour – without each and every one of you, we couldn’t do it! 

After receiving over 1,200 nominations, we narrowed them down to a shortlist for our 10 awards before hosting the final show. Join us as we celebrate our winners! 

The Helping Hand Award

For the staff member who has always helped and supported their colleagues when they’ve needed it most. 

The winner of this award received many nominations from colleagues and has been called a ‘star’. 

And the winner is…Katie Jeffries!

The Precious Gem Award

For the person who has gone above and beyond, and is the best at what they do, no matter the time or circumstances. 

The winner of this award received the most nominations of anyone in any category and has been called a ‘true precious gem’ that residents adore.

And the winner is…Doulton Hamill! 

The PCS Champion Award

For the team member who has been particularly brilliant at using our Person Centred software.

The winner of this award always produces excellent PCS entries which are factual, informative and person-centred. In fact, they are so outstanding that they have been used in many Borough Care training sessions!

And the winner is…Amie Keats!

The Amazing Addition Award

For the person whose colleagues believe is their home’s top-performing new starter. 

The winner of this award is someone whose dedication and hard work have not gone unnoticed. They received lots of nominations that highlighted the positive changes they have made in the home.

And the winner is…Jis Johnson!

The Game Changer Award

For a leader who has delivered the most significant changes and improvements, despite facing setbacks and challenges. 

The winner of this award has been called ‘high energy’ and ‘an influencer and ambassador for Borough Care’, and is someone who has driven amazing improvements in their home in a short time.

And the winner is…Megan Lachevre!

The Inspirer and Mentoring Champion

For the leader or mentor who has made a significant difference to their team through their guidance and encouragement.

The winner of this award is passionate about their employees’ progress and highly motivated in encouraging staff to gain training and qualification certificates.

And the winner is…Hayley Weston!

The Outstanding Colourful Care Award

For the person who always provides exceptional individualised care and makes our residents smile the most.

The judges had a particularly hard time choosing a winner for this award so, instead of just choosing one winner, they chose one from everyone’s home!

And the winners are…

  1. Leigh Cherie Jones, ALF at Cawood House
  2. Anita Case, Night Senior at Bamford Close
  3. Ellie Whittaker, Senior Care Assistant at Bruce Lodge
  4. David Swindells, Day Senior at Bryn Haven
  5. Olga Walicka, Housekeeper at Hen Cloud House
  6. Laura Nelson, ALF at Lisburne Court
  7. Heather White, Care Assistant at Meadway Court
  8. Brahim Karak El Ghazi, Housekeeper at Reinbek
  9. Chloe Pollard, Care Assistant at Shepley House
  10. Amanda Palmer, Catering at Shoemaker Place
  11. Lindsay Hadfield, ALF at Silverdale
  12. Valerie Collins, Care Assistant at Wellcroft
  13. Michelle Freeman, Purchasing & Procurement Manager at Head Office

The Stronger Together Award

For the team that supports each other the most, and works exceptionally well together to achieve great results. 

The winners of this award support each other as a whole team, giving each other the motivation to ensure that they deliver an exceptional service so residents can Live Life in Colour across our homes, every day.

And the winner is…the Catering and Hospitality Team!

The Family Connections Award

For the team that supports both residents and their loved ones in any way they can. 

The winners of this award have been recognised as a driving support of families, providing emotional support and practical help to residents. In particular, the nominations highlighted this home’s Manager and ALF for their dedication to family support.

And the winner is…Cawood House!

The Care Home of the Year Award

For the care home that has delivered the best results this year, including financial performance, ratings and reviews. 

The winner of this award received an overwhelming number of nominations that talked about the team spirit, common vision and one goal within the home.

The Care Home of the Year 2022 is…Silverdale!

Until next time

Congratulations to all of our winners, shortlisted nominees and everyone who nominated someone for an award. We truly appreciate your continuous hard work and support. Without you all, our residents wouldn’t be able to live their best lives in colour!