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Life Story: Prof. George Barrie Wetherill

At Borough Care, our homes are bursting with unique characters who have lived full and colourful lives, and with fascinating stories to share.

In our ‘Life Story’ series, we want you to get to know the people who live with us a little better, celebrating the valuable contribution they make to our community, as well as being inspired and learning from their incredible lives.

Today, we’re introducing you to Professor George Barrie Wetherill, known to his friends as Barrie. A sprightly 87, Barrie lives at Bamford Close where he enjoys regular visits from his family and friends, as well as being a part of the hustle and bustle of daily life at Borough Care, chatting and socialising with residents and staff.

Barrie’s humble demeanour and ability to talk to anyone belies an unexpected former career. He was, in fact, a Professor of Statistics who taught at prestigious universities such as Manchester, Newcastle, Bath and Canterbury.

He also had several books on Statistics published which are still available to buy today. A recent Google search showed that his books are available in libraries across Australia, as well as available to buy on Amazon.

With his dry sense of humour and caring nature, Barrie is not one to blow his own trumpet, so not everyone may realise the contribution Barrie has made to the international world of academia. So Barrie, from everyone at Borough Care, we thank you and we celebrate all of your achievements.