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Life Story: Glenys Workmaster

By 17 October 2019Borough Care News

At Borough Care, our homes are bursting with unique characters, who have lived full and colourful lives, with fascinating stories to share.

In our ‘Life Story’ series, we want you to get to know the people who live with us a little better, celebrating the valuable contribution they make to our community, as well as being inspired and learning from their incredible lives.

Today, we’re introducing you to Glenys Workmaster, who is 95 and lives in the glorious surroundings of Reinbek. Although her days may be spent taking part in more sedate activities like bingo, dominoes and reading; life wasn’t always so calm for Glenys!

She was born in 1925 in Bangor, Wales. During WW2 she did her bit for her country by joining the Territorial Army (TA) when she was just 17. During her service she was incredibly proud to have been promoted to Drill Sergeant, where she believes she was firm but fair in putting the women through their paces. Unsurprisingly, Glenys said her mum was very unhappy that she had joined the army. Glenys was her only daughter, and with five brothers also expected to go to war, her mum was concerned.

Despite her mum’s apprehensions, Glenys adored working for the TA. She travelled the country, going to different bases in England, Wales and Scotland. It was while Glenys was based at a camp in Wales, that she met her future husband, Raymond, at the local dance hall. They had much in common as Raymond was also a Sergeant in the British Army.

On leaving the Army, Glenys and Raymond got married and went on to have two daughters. The family moved to Gatley, in Stockport, and have remained in the area ever since.

Our carers at Reinbek describe Glenys as funny, chatty and witty. She continues to want to be independent and self-sufficient, just as she was in her days in the TA, and she isn’t letting being 95 stop her!