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Meet Eileen and Julia this National Sibling Day

National Sibling Day, on 10th April, is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the amazing and unique relationships between siblings.

We’re celebrating by sharing the story of two siblings living together at Bryn Haven in Brinnington, Eileen and Julia; telling the colourful stories of their lives and marking the special sibling bond between them.

Eileen O’Connor, 93, and Julia O’Connor, 89, both hail from Ireland. They grew up together in a large family which, including them, was made up of five brothers and four sisters! They were all very close, but Eileen and Julia became particularly close as they shared a love for ballroom dancing and would take every opportunity to head to the dance halls together. Julia was also a talented seamstress and used to make her and Eileen’s beautiful, ballroom dresses from scratch.

In 1946 they took the decision to move from Ireland to the UK. Eileen worked as a housekeeper for a husband and wife doctor team. She became so close to the couple, that when the wife was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, Eileen cared for her. While Julia worked as a housekeeper for a clergyman.

When they both retired in 1992, having remained close throughout their lives and wanting to spend more time with each other, Eileen and Julia decided to buy a house together, and they lived very happily there until 2018.

Julia came to live with us first, following a dementia diagnosis. Eileen continued to care for Julia, visiting every day for a chat! Following a fall and experiencing for herself the colourful life she would still be able to live at Borough Care, Eileen decided that she needed some extra help herself and chose to move in with us.

The sisters have been very happy together at Bryn Haven, they continue their love of live entertainment, singing and dancing, and are the first to join in the sing-alongs organised by our entertainers.

Eileen and Julia both have a very close relationship with their nieces Nora and Josephine (and Josephine’s husband Ivan), and enjoy regular visits, chats and cups of tea as a family.

We think the incredible, life-long bond these two sisters have enjoyed throughout their lives is amazing. It makes us so happy that they can continue to enjoy each other’s company and remain just as close, while living with us at Borough Care.

We look forward to welcoming Eileen and Julia’s lovely family back to Bryn Haven very soon.