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Borough Care Support Fellow Key Workers

Staff at Reinbek are sending support to those working in the NHS and all their fellow key workers.  The Reinbek team have designed and painted a Rainbow of Hope banner, to convey their gratitude and stay safe message.  The banner has been erected in the garden at Reinbek, as a mark of thanks to all key workers for the great job they are doing during the current coronavirus pandemic.

While residents and staff from Bruce Lodge took life in colour to another level with their amazing display to support all keyworkers and NHS staff. They hope that their colourful drawings will also bring a smile to peoples’ faces as they walk past Bruce Lodge and lift their supports.

And Wellcroft also spent some time getting crafty, encouraging residents to get involved in a group rainbow painting session. The pictures now adorn the windows of Wellcroft, showing our support for the fantastic work keyworkers and the NHS are doing.

Dr Mark Ward, CEO at Borough Care, says: “The banner is a lovely gesture by our Reinbek team.  Like all key workers, the staff at each of our eleven homes across Stockport are doing an amazing job in these challenging times.  Their care and support to the residents they look after is unwavering.  Everyone is working tirelessly, to ensure residents are supported both emotionally and physically during this unprecedented situation.  Our teams are continuing to put on lots of different activities so residents can continue living colourful and rewarding lives.  I’m really grateful and proud of the continued commitment shown by everyone at Borough Care.”