The festive season is a time to get the family together to celebrate, relax and enjoy quality time. Whilst it’s one of the most celebratory times of the year, it can still come with challenges. If, this season, you’ve noticed the signs of dementia in one of your relatives, you might be considering seeking additional help and support as we head into the New Year. We’re here to help you through the process, advise you on how to recognise the signs of dementia and find the support you need.

How to recognise the signs of dementia

As you spend more time around family this festive season, perhaps, you may be realising that family members are a lot older than they were the last time you saw them. If you notice that your loved ones are showing any of the following signs of dementia, we’re here to help you in your next steps towards finding the support you need.

    • – Memory loss


    • – Difficulty concentrating


    • – Struggling with, or finding it hard to do, daily tasks


    • – Feeling confused about time, dates or places


    • – Experiencing mood swings or changes


    – Finding difficulty in holding conversations, or following conversations

How might the signs of dementia show at Christmas?

Recognising the signs of dementia can be difficult, especially if your loved one is only experiencing mild signs of dementia. To help you spot signs of dementia this Christmas, we’ve broken down some examples of what dementia signs might look like – specifically in relation to Christmas. Hopefully, this will help you to recognise them early over the festive period.

– Forgetting to put food in the oven for Christmas dinner
– Confusing relatives’ names more than a few times
– Getting lost when visiting another relative’s house over Christmas
– Forgetting to buy or bring a relatives present

For more information on the different types of dementia and how to recognise the signs of dementia, visit our resources and advice page.

Our dementia-friendly care homes

Ahead of the New Year, if you’re considering exploring care options for your loved one, our dementia-friendly care homes could offer the support you need. Borough Care’s 12 specialist dementia care homes across Stockport and Staffordshire ensure that all residents receive tailored support and care that meets their individual needs. So you can be sure that your loved one receives quality and professional care from our friendly, specialist team.

Explore our specialist care homes in Stockport and Staffordshire

Each of our 12 care homes has something unique to offer, from cinema rooms to landscaped gardens. But, at the heart of them all is incredible standards of care. Explore each care home and decide for yourself where you or your loved one could live Life in Colour.

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