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🌟Family Meetings at Borough Care🌟

Borough Care’s mission is to create environments in which older people can stay well and live ‘Life in Colour’. No two people are the same, so there can never be one single care solution, and that’s why it’s so important that we understand the uniqueness of each individual and their families.

Family Meetings are a great way to connect with other people, as each meeting brings families together to discuss topics that affect residents and their families. It’s a chance to find out what’s going on at the home, and to ask questions that are relevant to them and their loved one. It’s also a fantastic opportunity for families to input on the activities that take place at the home, and to get involved! Last week, ALF Leigh Cherie arranged a Family Meeting at Cawood House. Families were invited to come together to find out about upcoming activities, and to receive organisational updates.

Residents, family members and staff at Cawood’s Family Meeting

Borough Care’s Head of Catering and Hospitality, Tony put together one of his amazing buffets, with attendee Cathy saying it was ‘exceptional five star grub’! Tony updated the residents’ families on what to expect from the catering team over the next few months, and everyone stayed on after the meeting to enjoy a slice of lemon cake, a cup of tea and a chat.

Tony’s amazing buffet

Leigh Cherie said The families who attended yesterday spent half an hour chatting about their own experiences, arranging to meet for coffee and making plans to join each other at Cawood’s next art class. I like to get their input on the activities they feel their loved ones would like, and give them information on how they can get involved. Our families know each other’s loved ones now; they not only visit their own family members but will also have a cup of tea with other residents. Cawood is one big family, which is how we all view each other.’

Cathy, whose husband Jimmy has been a resident at Cawood House for three years, said “The Family Meetings are fantastic. It’s great to hear the work that everyone is doing here and what’s coming up. My son and daughter have also said they cannot get over how great this place is.

Family member Cathy having a cuppa with new friend, resident Pat

Leigh Cherie added, ‘I like to hold a Family Meeting every two months, but with better weather coming and our monthly garden parties starting towards the end of April, we will be hosting one every six weeks. I think it’s really important to have these meetings as our care doesn’t stop at the residents – family’s need support too. My job isn’t only activities and wellbeing, it’s also to support our families, and in turn they support each other with making new connections at these meetings.”

Cawood resident Tony with daughter Rachel

With the days getting brighter, warmer and longer, there will be lots more Family Meetings coming up at Borough Care. Speak to your loved one’s Home Manager to find out when the next one is taking place.