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Alpacas Teddy and Carlos visit Shoemaker Place!

By 10 February 2023Borough Care News

Our homes may have regular visits from cats, dogs and other furry friends, but Shoemaker Place residents were amazed this week when alpacas Teddy and Carlos paid a visit to the home in a Borough Care first!

At Borough Care, the happiness and wellbeing of our residents remains a top priority, so we offer them the opportunity to interact with pets on a regular basis. From the animals that live in the homes, to regular interactions with outside animals, this form of therapy is so important for residents.

The residents loved meeting Teddy and Carlos!

The alpacas came from Knightley Alpaca Trekking in Staffordshire which offers trekking experiences alongside care home and school visits. Our teams work with a variety of local companies to bring animals into our homes in a safe and enjoyable way for residents.

Alex, Shoemaker’s Activity Lifestyle Facilitator said, ‘It was absolutely amazing to have Teddy and Carlos visit Shoemaker Place. Everybody loved them. One of our residents, who has severe dementia, responded so beautifully to the alpacas when he started singing to them. It was such a precious moment.’

ALF Alex with Teddy and Carlos

Pet therapy, also referred to as animal assisted therapy, is a kind of therapy that uses pets as a form of companionship and treatment. The aim of therapy is to improve an older person’s emotional, social, or cognitive abilities, and of course bring them lots of joy!

Alpacas are known for their gentle and calm nature, and enjoy the company of humans. Shoemaker Place resident Brenda saidThey were lovely, and so well behaved. I’ve seen an alpaca before, but not as close as this. I hope we can see them again!” 

Resident Brenda hopes to see the alpacas again

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