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Easing Hospital Stays for Residents

Reinbek, Bruce Lodge, Silverdale, Meadway Court, Cawood House, Bryn Haven and Shepley House have all signed up to an NHS Stockport Red Bag pilot scheme, which will help Stockport care home residents if they go into hospital in an emergency.

The Red Bag holds standardised information about a resident`s general health, as well as any existing medical conditions; medication they are taking; and their current health concern.

This means that ambulance and hospital staff can determine treatment better and more quickly.

The Red Bag also clearly identifies a patient as a care home resident, which means it may be possible for them to be discharged sooner, as the home is better able to support the resident.

Valerie Egan, Head of Care, said: “Being admitted to hospital is a stressful experience. However, for many of our residents it can be even more distressing as they may be living with Dementia and may be confused and disoriented by the whole experience. We hope our participation in the NHS Red Bag Scheme will make hospital visits less stressful for residents and their families, and that our residents will be discharged much sooner so they can get back to the comfort of their Borough Care home as quickly as possible.”