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Edith’s Doggy Dreams Come True

Cawood House resident Edith has always had a huge love of animals, starting from when she was a young girl. Edith even says she prefers animals to people!

Lisa, who is the manager at Cawood, regularly brings her dog Rossi in to visit the residents, and he always puts a smile on Edith’s face as she is at her happiest when animals are around. Cawood’s Activity Lifestyle Facilitator (ALF), Leigh has been on a mission this year to create special ‘Life in Colour’ moments for her residents, so she set about planning a surprise trip for Edith.

Leigh spoke to Kirsty who owns The Doghouse Doggy Day Care in Marple about Edith’s love of dogs, to see if they could organise a visit. Kirsty was delighted to have the opportunity to help make Edith’s day. Leigh, Edith and Edith’s daughter Christine started off with a chippy lunch at Cawood. Edith kept asking what all the fuss was about as the trip had been kept a secret! 

The three arrived at The Doghouse Doggy Day care and were greeted by Kirsty. Edith’s face lit up when she heard all the dogs barking as she walked through the door, and asked ‘Are those dogs I can hear!?’

Kirsty introduced lots of dogs to Edith, some who were very nervous but with Edith’s calming nature, soon were at ease. It was lovely for Christine to watch her mum interacting with the dogs and making a memory that will last a lifetime. 

Edith wanted to bring all of the dogs home, and while we unfortunately couldn’t make that possible, Kirsty told Edith that having her there was wonderful and invited her back in the summer to enjoy some outside time with her new furry friends. Daughter Christine said how lovely it is for Leigh to create these moments for her residents and their families, and was so grateful to all involved. A big thank you to Kirsty and staff at The Doghouse Doggy daycare in Marple for making Edith’s day and a huge thanks to ALF Leigh for creating a magical moment for Edith.