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Our Approach to Dementia Care

We believe that good dementia care relies on a positive and flexible culture that supports and respects people.

A person living with dementia remains unique and valuable with their own individual experiences of life. Although some symptoms of dementia are common to everyone, each person’s experience will differ.

The care and support of people, living through the often-frightening world of dementia, requires an approach that is truly person centred. Our commitment is to understand the individual needs of people affected by dementia and their families.

We are committed to:

  • Taking the time needed to understand the uniqueness of the needs of people affected by dementia, and their families.
  • Working in partnership with local specialist services, including local and national organisations.
  • Providing high quality services and well thought out physical environments that are comfortable and help people with dementia live independently and in the least restrictive way possible.
  • Providing care and support that is centred around the person and that reflects the long term, progressive nature of dementia.
  • Affording people living with dementia, and their carers, the dignity and choice they deserve.
  • Adopting empathetic approaches to staff development that promote understanding of the experiences of a person living with dementia and that embody good, measurable outcomes for quality care and support.

We’ve also have activities in our homes to support those living with dementia.

There’s the Inter-generational Choir, made up of residents, school children and pretty much anyone who loves to sing, irrespective of their age, dementia diagnosis or taste in music!

Borough Care’s residents also have the opportunity to engage with young children through regular visits from nursery and child-minding groups.  Inter-generational relationships help enrich the lives of older people and children alike.

Our memory boxes, aim to spark fond long-term memories, containing items such as postcards, records and photographs.

Our participation in the Alzheimer’s Society Dementia Friends initiative, where people can volunteer to come and have a conversation with our residents, has been hugely beneficial.

Our in-depth training programme provides staff with ongoing guidance in the latest dementia care field, making the most of the extensive research out there to best support our residents and their families.

Dementia Action Week 2019, is all about starting a conversation with someone who has dementia, and we’ve used our expert knowledge to create ‘5 Conversation Starters’ that you may also find useful.


You can also find out more about our approach to care on our website.