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Postcards of Kindness

We’re always on the lookout for amazing projects and groups we can get involved with, to provide fun, laughter and bring colour to the lives of our residents.

When Bryn Haven’s Activities Lifestyle Facilitator (ALF), Joanne Best, came across a Facebook group called Postcards of Kindness, she jumped at the chance to get residents from her home, and the rest of our Borough Care homes involved.

The aim of the group is to combat loneliness and isolation across the country and to remind care home residents that there’s always somebody thinking of them – regardless of where in the world the postcards have come from. The group has captured the imagination of care homes across the country and is expanding by the day. There are now over 500 care homes involved and over 29,000 members on Facebook.

Joanne said: “Our post-box has been flooded with postcards for our residents, from people from all walks of life, and lots of different countries. The residents are thoroughly enjoying reading and replying to them all. It is triggering lots of fond memories and generating plenty of lovely discussions.

“We were particularly moved to receive a letter from a young woman who wrote letters to her grandmother from the age of seven. Unfortunately, her grandmother recently passed away, and she missed writing to her. She asked if she could start writing to our Bryn Haven residents, which we were happy to oblige. The letters we have received from her have been a huge talking point amongst us and we are all thrilled to be bringing her some happiness too!”

Bryn Haven were also stunned by the huge number of cards received by resident Olive Taylor, who turned an incredible 100 years old recently. Many of her birthday well wishes came from people taking part in Postcards of Kindness. Over 100 birthday cards arrived and Olive, and her family, were overwhelmed by the kindness shown.

If you think this would be a project your loved one would like to get involved in, please speak to the ALF in your home.