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Reinbek Residents Give Loved Ones Keepsake Hearts

Staff at Reinbek home have been using novel ways to help keep residents in touch with their loved ones during lockdown due to coronavirus (Covid 19).

Residents have recently been writing their own personal messages to their families in a ‘Just a note to say’ card.  Each resident included a special knitted keepsake heart with their card, which family members have to remind them of their loved ones when they can’t see them.

Michelle Spencer, Activity Lifestyle Facilitator at Reinbek, says: “During lockdown, we have devised lots of different, creative ways for our residents to keep in touch with their loved ones.  Keeping in regular contact has been really important, both for the wellbeing of our residents and for their family and friends to know how they are. We’ve received some lovely messages from families, who are appreciative of all we’ve been doing to keep everyone connected during this difficult time.”