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Spring Has Sprung!

The glorious weather we have been experiencing over the last week is a wonderful and cheering sign that spring has definitely sprung.

The proof is also in the lovely, landscaped gardens in each of our homes, as spring flowers begin to bloom; the trees get their lovely foliage back; and the milder weather means we can take a turn or two around our gardens again.

This couldn’t be a more welcome opportunity, whilst our homes are in precautionary isolation and we try to protect all our vulnerable residents against the spread of coronavirus (Covid 19).

To encourage exercise and fresh air, we have started to organise more events for our residents in the gardens.

Residents can choose to take part in one of our SMILE (Simple Movements Improve Life Everyday) fitness programme sessions. This exercise regime is tailored specifically to help residents become stronger and more confident when mobilising, and was co-created by our expert partners, Life Leisure.

We also love to encourage our green fingered residents: assisting them to potter around our flower beds, weeding and pruning where they see fit. If they are not as mobile as they used to be, they can still get involved, by helping us to pot new flowers and shrubs.

Vitamin D is also hugely important when it comes to improving bone strength and happiness! This is why getting a daily dose of sunshine is very important. We encourage those that live with us to get out at least once a day, wrapping up warm to either take a turn around the garden path, or read the newspaper and enjoy a nice cup of tea, outside or in a sunny conservatory.

Don’t forget to keep checking our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages to find pictures of our latest activities, including more about how we’re celebrating the arrival of spring.