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Take a look back at the highlights of 2023 with our ALFs!

By 22 December 2023Borough Care News

2023 was an amazing year for our residents.

With restrictions lifted, fantastic ALFs in all of our homes and a renewed focus on magical moments and our Life in Colour motto, our residents experienced some incredible activities, trips and events this year! We spoke to some of the ALFs from Borough Care to take a look back at their highlights of 2023 and find out what they have in store for 2024.

Bamford Close

ALF Heather has been at Bamford Close for just three short months, but has already made a huge impact on her residents. Her favourite thing about being an ALF is ‘creating moments for the residents, helping them feel a sense of purpose, and making them smile’. Heather’s highlights of her time so far at Bamford have been their Christmas party and trip to Blackpool Illuminations. Her most memorable one-on-one moment was restoring an old photo album for one of her residents. She said ‘it made his year – he was so happy to see pictures of his younger days and his parents and friends.” Speaking about her plans for 2024, Heather said ‘I am planning lots of trips out, lots of celebrations, creating special moments that help each resident connect to their past and the things they love the most.’ 

Bamford residents on their way to Blackpool Illuminations


Bruce Lodge

Bruce Lodge’s ALFs Seb and Kiera both agree that the home’s trip to Blackpool Tower Ballroom was their favourite of 2023. Seb, who says being an ALF is the best job in the world, says his most treasured one-on-one moment with his residents was when he sat with a group of ladies and they all created a party together. He said ‘each one told me what they wanted out of the party, and I made it happen! The excitement in their faces gave me so much motivation to do it.’ Kiera says her most memorable was ‘taking a resident home to spend the afternoon with her husband like she used to before moving to bruce lodge. Seb says next year’s plans are ‘to be bigger, better and more colourful! And I’d like to work with the other ALFs more too’, while Kiera is looking forward to ‘getting activities up and running on the D2A section’.

The Bruce Lodge gang heading to Blackpool Tower Ballroom!

Bryn Haven

Resident Dorothy’s 100th birthday hits the headlines!

Rosie has been an ALF at Bryn Haven for just over a year and a half. Her favourite thing about her job is making a difference to her residents’ days. Rosie says the best trip out this year for Bryn Haven was Blackpool Illuminations. Her favourite event was Dorothy’s 100th birthday, an event so amazing it even made it to the newspaper! She really enjoys spending the time finding out my residents final wishes are, and her plans for 2024 is to make as many wishes as possible come true.

Cawood House

Cawood ALF Leigh Cherie’s favourite thing about being an ALF is the smiles, the memories and being part of one big family. Her favourite trip this year was a ladies day out to Blackpool. Leigh had discovered that a few of her residents had never been to Blackpool, so they planned a big day out. Leigh’s most memorable event this year was the Cawood House Veterans Badge Ceremony, which made ITV national news! She also loved spending time with resident Jean, where she planned an amazing trip to watch Stockport County F.C play at Edgely Park. Jean, her son and Leigh Cherie were later interviewed by Sky Sports to talk all things County! When asked about her plans for 2024, Leigh Cherie says ‘now that’s a secret!

Jean and Leigh Cherie watching Stockport County F.C

Hen Cloud House

Hen Cloud House had a fabulous 2023, with new ALF Charlotte arranging lots of activities for residents. These have included one-on-one trips with residents to the local town of Leek, alongside getting some amazing entertainers in to get everyone up dancing and singing! Most recently, the home held an amazing Christmas party! They had a fabulous day with live singers and lots of dancing. Relatives came to join in with all the fun and all enjoyed a delicious buffet. They even had a visit from Santa who gave a present to all of our wonderful residents! It was a fantastic day enjoyed by everyone involved. We can’t wait to see what’s in store this year!


Rosie has been the ALF at Meadway for a year, and she loves being close with the residents and making them smile. Her favourite trip out this year was to Stockport Plaza’s Christmas Show, while her favourite event was Meadway’s Bollywood Dance Day. A real highlight for Rosie was getting to take resident Albert swimming. He used to be a diver, and told Rosie he would love to go swimming again but as he hasn’t been in 40 years, he didn’t think it would be possible. Rosie booked a trip to the swimming baths as a surprise for Albert, and thanks to Stockport Sharks swimming club, he was able to go swimming again. He said it was the best swim he’d ever had and absolutely loved it! Her plans for next year are ‘lots more trips out and connecting more with the local Bramhall community.’

Albert getting ready for his first swim in 40 years!


ALF Michelle has been in her role for five years. The thing she loves most about her job is ‘making my residents happy and helping them to live life in colour.’ Like lots of other ALFs, her favourite trip this year was to Blackpool, while her most memorable event was resident Tommy’s 102 birthday! The amazing milestone was marked with a huge party for residents, their families and the whole Reinbek team. Michelle has enjoyed spending time with her residents individually, and said her highlight was ‘going shopping with one of my residents to get Christmas presents for her family.’ Her plans for 2024 are to keep making her residents happy.

Tommy celebrates turning 102 at Reinbek!

Shepley House

Shepley House residents enjoyed lots of great activities in 2023. Back in July they held a beach-themed day! They played hook-a-duck, made sandcastles and had plenty of mocktails. They also had a wonderful trip on the Horizons Canal Boat in April. Residents had a great time and loved seeing the little lambs, ducks and lots of daffodils along the way. In September, residents had a fantastic time at the Sea Life Centre. Residents were mesmerised by all of the beautiful creatures and had a brilliant day together.


Silverdale’s Lindsay has been with Borough Care for an amazing 20 years, and in her role as an ALF for seven. Lindsay says the best thing about role is ‘the smiles on residents faces when I enter the building, the fact that I am seen as more of a friend than a staff member, and making a difference to her residents’ days. Thinking back on her favourite trip this year, she also said Blackpool was fantastic – lots of giggles and of course the fresh hot doughnuts! Her most celebrations for Lillian’s 100th birthday party in June where they celebrated Christmas as that’s what Lillian wanted.

A treasured and bittersweet moment for Lindsay this year was sitting with a resident who was ‘approaching end of life, discussing her fears and worries about what would happen, talking about her religion and her beliefs, and providing reassurance and comfort until she became calm and peaceful.’ Lindsay’s plans for 2024 are to continue to enhance her residents’ lives by bringing fun and happiness to the home.

Shoemaker Place

Shoemaker residents out for Christmas Carol singing in town

ALFs Emily and Gail both joined Shoemaker Place in May 2023. Emily’s favourite thing about her job is planning the activities and events, and seeing the smiles on residents’ faces. Gail loves interacting with their residents and seeing them happy. Emily’s most memorable trip this year was recently taking a few residents out for Christmas Carol singing in town. Gail loved the Halloween party the home held back in October. Of their plans for this year, both Emily and Gail said they hope to find better transport options in Stone so they can take more residents out on more magical trips.


Wellcroft’s ALF Jade has been in her role for two years. The best thing about the role for Jade is being able to fulfil her residents’ days, whether that’s through one-to-ones or group activities. Her favourite trips this year were Chester Zoo, City Stadium and Sea Life. The City Stadium trip was a special one for resident Jimmy, who is a huge fan of Manchester City Football Club. Jade and Jimmy’s daughter, Alison got planning an amazing day out to mark his 92nd birthday back in May. Jade is looking forward to 2024, where she plans ‘to make every moment count and to keep making the residents’ wish days happen.’A huge thank you to EVERYONE working across Borough Care’s homes for making 2023 a fantastic year. Happy New Year!