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✨The Life in Colour Awards 2023 Shortlist is here!✨

On behalf of the judging panel, we would like to say a huge thank you to everyone at Borough Care who submitted a nomination for this year’s Life in Colour Awards!

We would like also like to thank our residents and their family members who nominated their homes for the Family Focus Award. The winners will be announced in November at our glittering award ceremony at Edgeley Park in Stockport. A huge congratulations to all who have been shortlisted – we wish you the best of luck on the night!

Life in Colour Awards 2023 Shortlist


✨The Helping Hand Award✨

Carole Rostron Admin at Shepley House

Ellen Underwood Senior at Bruce Lodge

Emma McAndrew Housekeeper at Bryn Haven

Jade McLellan ALF at Wellcroft

✨The Precious Gem Award✨

Lisa Murphy Home Manager at Cawood House

Karen Boyd Senior at Wellcroft

Leigh Cherie Jones ALF at Cawood House

Nicola Cannon Cook at Lisburne Court

✨The PCS Champion Award✨

Chloe Pollard Senior at Shepley House

Michelle Billings Night Carer at Hen Cloud House

 Savannah Jo Harrison Senior at Bamford Close

Valerie Collins Care Assistant at Wellcroft

✨The Amazing Addition Award✨

Angela Hawes Home Manager at Meadway Court

Chantelle Linton Act Up Senior at Bamford Close

Gypsy Hill Care Assistant at Shepley House

Kelly Durojaye Senior at Cawood House

✨The Central Supporter Award✨

Jeni Newton Training Officer

Joanne Beesley Office Executive

Nicola Chatterton Learning & Development Manager

Holly Shortall Marketing & Communications Manager

✨The Game Changer Award✨

Jon Horan Home Manager at Shepley House

Amanda Cumston Home Manager at Bryn Haven

 Sophie Rawlinson Deputy Manager at Meadway Court

 Lisa Lahan Senior at Bamford Close

✨The Inspirer & Mentoring Champion Award✨

Lisa Murphy Home Manager at Cawood House

 Sharon Whittey Deputy Manager at Bryn Haven

 Amanda Redden Deputy Manager at Wellcroft

Christine Allen Deputy Manager at Silverdale

✨The Transformation Award✨

The ALF Team at Borough Care

The Bamford Team 

The Finance Team at Head Office

The Meadway Team 

The Bruce Lodge Team

✨The Terrific Team Award✨

The Housekeeping Team at Silverdale

Team Kade Night Team at Reinbek

The Maintenance Team at Head Office

The Shoemaker Place Team

✨The Family Focus Award✨

Cawood House


Lisburne Court


✨ Care Home of the Year ✨

Cawood House



Bamford Close

✨The Outstanding Colourful Care Award✨

Lynsey Carr Night Carer at Bamford Close

Ellen Underwood Senior at Bruce Lodge

Rosie Brennan ALF at Bryn Haven

Claire Skepper Casual at Cawood House

Charlotte Allen ALF at Hen Cloud House

Shona Whittaker Care Assistant at Lisburne Court

Rosie Hartley ALF at Meadway Court

Jean Pickering Night Care Assistant at Reinbek

Rony Mani Care Assistant at Shepley House

Amanda Palmer Cook at Shoemaker Place

Joanne Drabble Night Care Assistant at Silverdale

Lynsey Hunt Care Assistant at Wellcroft