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We’re Supporting Nutrition & Hydration Week

As we age, our nutritional needs change and so do our appetites. However, other aspects of diet, such as vitamins and mineral levels are still vitally important to retaining muscle mass, bone health and general wellbeing.

Old age is not the time to become too strict with someone’s diet. The important thing is that they get enough to eat and take supplements if needed.

Likewise, cues for thirst also decrease in later life, which can result in dehydration. Add in the side effects of medication, or living with chronic diseases or dementia, and maintaining a balanced and healthy diet can become even more of a challenge.

We work hard, alongside our catering partner apetito, to ensure the food we provide is nutritious and delicious. We’ve also installed hydration stations in each of our homes, so a resident doesn’t need to ask someone for a drink but can help themselves whenever they fancy.

This week we’re supporting Nutrition and Hydration Week, to help highlight this important issue and raise awareness of good nutrition and hydration.

In light of the coronavirus (Covid 19) outbreak, nutrition and hydration is even more of a priority and we continue to run food and drink activities* over the coming week.

Each day our catering team will focus on a different and important part of nutrition and hydration to better inform those that live with us about the importance of good nutrition and hydration.

You can find out more about Nutrition and Hydration Week 2020 here.