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When is the right time to consider a care home

Making the decision to move a loved one into a care home can be an incredibly difficult one. However, there comes a time when it is safer and kinder for your loved one to have access to round the clock care, especially if they have complex needs that are beyond the scope of what you can provide.

We understand that no two people are the same, so there can never be one single care solution. However, with over 20 years’ experience in supporting people with a wide range of needs, we have listed some of the common signs that your loved one may be ready to move into a care home.


  1. It’s No Longer Safe

This could be because your loved one has had a dementia diagnosis; a fall, which has severely limited their ability to move around their own house; or they are becoming forgetful or confused. Signs include leaving doors unlocked, or failing to turn the hob off after use. In a care home, you can be confident that your loved one will be safe, they will not be a danger to themselves or anyone else.

  1. Professional Recommendation

Getting an independent, professional opinion takes away much of the pressure from the difficult question of ‘when’ a care home should be considered. Visiting your GP is a good starting point, especially if you’re concerned that your loved one is displaying signs of dementia, Alzheimer’s or any other health concerns.

  1. Caring for the Carer

Perhaps you have hurt your back repeatedly lifting your loved one; your emotional health is suffering; your relationships with other loved ones are being sacrificed; or you’re having to take time off work to meet your care responsibilities. It may be time to acknowledge that you need some help.

  1. Financial feasibility

For some people, their loved one’s in-home care needs become so complex and expensive that a care home may be a more comfortable and affordable solution. Ensuring there is enough money to see that all of their care needs are catered for, for as long as possible, is something that needs to be considered.


We know that choosing a care home is a big decision, which is why our doors are always open to carers and their loved ones who want to visit, talk to us, and see for themselves what life in a care home is like. Simply get in touch with us or arrange a visit to one of our care homes.