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A Catalyst For Change At Borough Care

Borough Care will be collaborating with social enterprise Community Catalysts, to create a new way for residents and their families to give feedback on its services.  There will also be the opportunity for them to be directly involved in shaping the care offered by Borough Care in the future.

A new part-time role has been created and the person employed will work closely with residents and their families to develop ideas and suggestions, as well as giving feedback on what Borough Care does now and its future direction.  The residents and their families will be able to communicate directly to the Borough Care Board, to ensure their input informs the company’s strategy.

Borough Care is committed to its ethos of residents living their ‘Life in Colour’.  Isla Wilson, Chair at Borough Care, says: “At Borough Care we are determined to take our commitment to Life in Colour even further by doing everything we can to make sure each and every resident is able to live in a way that reflects who they are; their unique experiences; their abilities; their hopes and dreams.  This commitment runs through everything we do and this new project will help us do better still.”

Dr Mark Ward, CEO at Borough Care, says: “We are excited to be developing new ways to work even more closely with the people we serve and be even more connected to our local community.”

Angela Catley, Director of Development at Community Catalysts, says: “We know this project is ground-breaking and creative so we’re excited to be part of it. We are really looking forward to working with Borough Care, the people it supports and their families, to learn, create and develop new ways of working together.”