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Alzheimer’s Society Guide to Maintaining Relationships

By 30 January 2020Borough Care News

When your loved one is diagnosed with dementia it is likely to change your relationship, as well as their relationships with other family members and friends.

To help you understand the position your loved one is now in, and the likely impact their dementia diagnosis will have on their relationships, the Alzheimer’s Society has written a very informative and sensitive guide to changing relationships following a diagnosis, aimed at those living with dementia.

It looks at ‘How Dementia May Affect Relationships’, including becoming more dependent; maintaining a sense of ‘you’ and ‘your personality’; or how a relationship with a family member, friend or partner might change if they take on the role of carer.

It provides information about ‘Talking About Dementia’ and how to explain a diagnosis; how someone may feel when they have to explain a dementia diagnosis; as well as who your loved one can talk to about support after hearing about a dementia diagnosis.

The guide provides examples about how living with dementia causes ‘Changes that Can Affect Your Relationships’, including mood swings, difficulties communicating and memory loss, and how to prepare for these changes.

It gives advice about ‘Relationships That Were Difficult Before a Dementia Diagnosis’; how to address these difficulties; and how to get support if relations worsen.

It explores how your loved one can ‘Stay Connected’ to those around them, whether that may be a spouse, family member, or friend. There are also lots of useful links to organisations who can support someone struggling with relationships following a dementia diagnosis, including those caring for someone living with dementia.

As always, our highly trained, friendly and understanding staff are on hand if you, or your loved one, need someone to talk about how relationships have changed following a dementia diagnosis. We will do our utmost to give you useful, practical advice and help wherever possible.