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Dignity Action Day 2020

By 6 February 2020Borough Care News

Dignity Action Day takes place every year on 1 February and is an opportunity for those of us who work in health and social care, those who receive it and members of the public, to uphold people’s right to dignity. The aim is to provide a truly memorable day for people who use care services.

At Borough Care we know how important being treated with dignity is to our residents. Each year, we use this day as a chance to:

  • Raise awareness of the importance of dignity in care
  • Provide someone with an extra special day
  • Demonstrate that everybody in the community has a role to play in upholding dignity in care
  • Remind the public that staff have a right to be treated with dignity and respect too
  • Provide a great community networking opportunity

A Digni-Tea was held at each of our homes, for residents, their friends and family, as well as staff. This delicious back drop provided the perfect opportunity to talk about what dignity in care means to different people. There was also a discussion around the ‘10 Dignity Dos’, a list created by those who use care services, and how we can further embed these ‘Dos’ into everyday life at Borough Care.

You can see the fun that we had at Silverdale, Bruce Lodge, Bryn Haven and Reinbek in our gallery of photos. We enjoyed a celebratory glass of fizz to mark the occasion; a delicious spread of cakes and sandwiches; and free flowing tea, as those who attended shared their views on dignity.

To find out more about Dignity Action Day, visit their website.