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Brenda’s Amazing Jumper Bonanza for The Wellspring

Cawood resident Brenda (92) and her family have always given back to their local community.

Brenda’s father was classed as a pillar of the community for his whole life. The charitable gene has even passed down to her great granddaughter who, aged just nine, makes chocolates every year to raise funds for homeless people. In the early nineties, Brenda helped Bosnian refugees, who had relocated to Manchester, to learn English. It’s in Brenda’s nature to help those less fortunate than herself, in particular those experiencing homelessness.

Borough Care’s Holly and Leigh with resident Brenda and her daughter Jenny

Cawood’s Activity Lifestyle Facilitator, Leigh Cherie has been on a mission this year to create special ‘Life in Colour‘ moments for her residents. There are lots of things Brenda might have liked to do, but instead she asked to collaborate with Leigh to help those who are less fortunate than herself. Together, they came up with Brenda’s Big Jumper Bonanza! Brenda said, ‘I have everything I need. Some people don’t, so I wanted to give them something special instead.’

Brenda’s daughter Jenny helped collect jumpers from Cawood staff and residents’ family members and together they had over fifty jumpers, pullovers and cardigans to donate! Brenda, Jenny, Leigh and Holly from Borough Care’s Central Support Office paid a visit to The Wellspring on Friday April 21st to hand over the donations.

Chloe from The Wellspring with Jenny, Brenda and Leigh

The Wellspring supports the people of Stockport that are homeless or at risk of losing their home, and provide resources, understanding, and care that they need. Chloe, volunteer project manager at The Wellspring said ‘Thank you to Brenda, Jenny and Leigh for their amazing donations, and to everyone at Cawood House who helped the donations drive. The jumpers will help a lot of people who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness.’