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National Pet Month: Meet Borough Care’s furry friends!

National Pet Month takes place in April each year to celebrate and raise awareness of pets and pet ownership. At Borough Care, the happiness and well-being of our residents remain a top priority, so we offer them the opportunity to interact with pets regularly. From the animals that live in the homes to regular interactions with outside animals, this form of therapy is so important for residents.

Pet therapy, also referred to as animal-assisted therapy, is a kind of therapy that uses pets as a form of companionship and treatment. We work with a variety of local companies to bring animals into our homes safely and enjoyably for residents, and we also have several animals who live in our homes!

Toffee at Lisburne Court

Laura Nelson, Lisburne Court’s Activities & Lifestyle Facilitator (ALF), says that residents get a lot of benefits from Toffee, the rabbit. He makes them happy and brings lots of smiles to residents’ faces. Toffee uplifts people, is very comforting and is like therapy for the residents. Laura says he is very placid and calm and will happily sit on the residents’ laps all day! Toffee also benefits from having his cuddles regularly and is very loved and well taken care of.

Bryn, Bert & Ernie at Bryn Haven

Bryn is the resident cat at Bryn Haven. ALF Rosie says he steals anything edible but adores people, and all the residents love him. Bryn Haven is also home to a pair of budgies, Bert and Ernie, who are new residents! The home’s residents are fascinated by the new birds and love watching them.

Rossi, Lily and Alfie at Cawood House

Rossi is Manager Lisa’s dog, and Lily is Deputy Manager Leanne’s dog, both of which are a big part of the Cawood House family. Lily greets the residents every morning and is very clever – she can always sense when things aren’t right! ALF Leigh says the dogs get plenty of treats, love and cuddles from the residents. The dogs take their role very seriously and are protective of the residents. The home is also regularly visited by Alfie, who belongs to the home’s hairdresser Judy. Alfie is Rossi’s brother, so they get up to lots of mischief together!

Arthur at Reinbek

Arthur was a stray until he joined the Reinbek team. Manager Lauren reached out to his previous owners, but there was no response – ever since, he has lived at Reinbek! Lauren says he is the most spoilt cat and lives a life of luxury at the home. The residents love him, as do visitors, who often pop into the office – not to see Lauren but to see Arthur! Arthur’s favourite place to relax is on top of the printer in the office.

Samson and Delilah at Meadway Court

Meadway Court‘s ALF, Rosie, says Samson and Delilah are very friendly and loving. The residents love to come and stroke them as well as give them a cheeky treat! Delilah and Samson love to hide in a box, and the residents often find them sleeping on a lounge chair.

Happy National Pet Month to all the furry friends at our Borough Care homes! To keep up to date with all the news and activities from across our homes, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.