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Day in the life of a resident living in care at Borough Care

Day in the life of a resident living in care at Borough Care

Borough Care is passionate about offering person-centred care, meaning that every resident’s experience at our homes is different depending on their needs, interests and personality. No resident is the same, so neither is their care! To give you an idea of how each resident’s day-to-day life at Borough Care is different, take a look at how Marian, Rupert, Betsy and Arthur’s typical day at Borough Care differ from each other.

A day in the life of Marian

82-year-old Marian starts her day with a 7:15 am wake-up from our Care Assistants, who help her get dressed and ready for the day ahead. She’ll then head to breakfast in the dining room, where she’ll catch up with a few of her friends over some delicious food. After breakfast, it’s time for the home’s morning activities – arts and crafts, and chair exercises!

Marian’s “Life in Colour” isn’t complete without listening to some of her favourite records. Every day after lunch, Marian loves spending quality time with our Activities & Lifestyle Facilitators (ALFs) listening to some good music and having a good catch-up.

A day in the life of Rupert

72-year-old Rupert loves his independence so, after his 8:00 am wake-up, he gets himself ready and heads down for breakfast with the rest of the residents. Having been vegetarian for over 40 years, Rupert opts for our veggie menu for his breakfast every day. After breakfast, he has a catch-up with one of the home’s Care Assistants. Then it’s time for a morning of activities, followed by lunch.

As a keen gardener, Rupert’s “Life in Colour” includes tending to his patch in the garden whenever he can. So, most days after lunch Rupert usually heads outside to do his gardening. The Great British weather means that he can’t always get out in the garden every day so, on the colder, drizzly days, Rupert visits the on-site garden room to relax in the comfort and cosiness of the home.

A day in the life of Betsy

76-year-old Betsy fancies herself as a bit of an explorer, so her “Life in Colour” at Borough Care is full of fun, activity and adventure. Her perfect day at Borough Care involves a trip out to somewhere special, with her favourite places to visit being the zoo, local parks and, on occasion, a boat trip!

Being in her mid-70s, it’s important that we ensure that Betsy has all the care and support she needs to safely enjoy every bit of adventure that she wants to. Her care starts with an 8:15 am wake-up and morning routine, before heading to the dining area for a fuelling breakfast. On days when we head out somewhere special, Betsy will be first ready and raring to go! On days in, Betsy loves getting involved in dancing and chair exercises with the help of our wonderful ALFs.

A day in the life of Arthur

91-year-old Arthur’s “Life in Colour” means being surrounded by his friends and family. As Arthur is very family-oriented, his perfect day at Borough Care would involve a visit from his loved ones and a catch-up over afternoon tea and biscuits. Our team ensures that Arthur’s family can visit him and spend the quality time together that he loves so much.

Arthur lives with dementia and therefore benefits from following a specific daily routine. His typical day in care at Borough Care is a 7:30 am wake-up from our Care Assistants, who’ll help him get dressed and ready for the day. He also loves his time with our ALFs who often go through photo albums, listen to music or watch his favourite films with him.

Explore our dementia-friendly care homes

We hope we’ve managed to give you a greater insight into what life in a care home is truly like for every one of our residents. Now, the next step is to explore what care home options are out there. To explore our full range of dementia-friendly care homes, across Stockport and Staffordshire, head to the “our homes” page of our website. There, you can find detailed information about each of our 12 homes.

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