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Our Homes Design Sandwiches Fit for A King!

Last month we gave each home the opportunity to be part of their Coronation Menu by designing a sandwich Fit for A King! This was a brilliant activity for our residents and colleagues, and the feedback has been amazing – thank you to every one who took part. The winning creations will be added to our homes’ menus for the big celebrations this weekend.

The participation and standard was so high that we wanted to recognise an overall winner – big congratulations to Bruce Lodge who put a massive effort into the activity, from the decorations in the home to involvement of families to the fabulous voting cards. We will be arranging a hamper of goodies for their home this week! Find out which sandwiches took the crown below!

👑 Bruce Lodge 👑

Bruce Lodge truly went all out for their sandwich-making competition! They decorated the home in full red, white and blue and conducted the sandwich tasting with their lovely residents and some family members – everyone said it was a great day! The Fried Chicken Panini won amongst staff, residents, relatives and a Social Worker who all took part in the vote!

👑 Lisburne Court 👑

Lisburne had a great afternoon and all of the residents had a go at creating their own signature sandwich. The best sandwich, as voted for by staff and residents, was made by John Barlow. The recipe was; Coronation chicken, cheese, tomato, egg mayo, beef and sweet pickle! The residents all had a good go at making their own sandwiches and loved getting to vote on their favourite. Well done John!

👑 Bryn Haven 👑

Bryn Haven had a great time getting together to create a range of sandwiches before choosing their winner. They voted and decided on the Ham and Egg Salad Stack for their winning sandwich and got very creative with the arrangement of the sandwich!

👑 Cawood House 👑

Cawood couldn’t choose just one sandwich so they picked a sandwich fit for a King AND a Queen! Deputy Manager Leanne researched what King Charles will be eating on the special day, which will be a broad bean, spinach and tarragon quiche. With help from Nicole in the kitchen they decided on granary bread, quiche filling and salad on an open sandwich, which they have named Charlie’s Quiche Sandwich!

Residents Peter and Sylvia used to run a very popular sandwich shop in Reddish and couldn’t wait to get involved as this activity brought back so many happy memories for them. They decided on granary bread, egg mayo and black olives, and named their sandwich Posh Nosh. 

👑 Bamford Close 👑

Bamford Close had a very creative afternoon, with residents and staff getting together with lots of different fillings to make their sandwiches. Residents made the sandwiches while manager Debbie chose the winners. They couldn’t choose just one, so the winners were Betty Powner and Margaret Heywood. Betty’s was ham with an egg crown and Margaret’s was tuna salad with a royal cress crown!

👑 Silverdale 👑

Silverdale had great fun during their afternoon activity, making, eating and judging all of the creations! The contenders were; King prawn salad; Beef, sautéed mushrooms and a plum chutney; Turkey, cranberry and stuffing; and meatballs in marinara sauce with cheese and salad. The winning sandwich chosen by residents, staff and family members was… The Meatball Marinara Sandwich – fit for a king indeed!

👑 Shoemaker Place 👑

Shoemaker Place had 10 residents take part in the activity. They had lovely bloomer loaves and more fillings than you could shake a stick at! Everyone really enjoyed taking part in something together and came up with some unusual combinations. There were two came out on top at Shoemaker and they were; Ham, onion, beetroot and red pepper, and mayo, egg, tomato and salt and pepper. 

👑 Wellcroft 👑

Wellcroft’s cook team member, Lydia put together a beautiful selection of mini sandwiches for the residents to judge their favourite from. These included prawn, salmon and dill with a cucumber cream cheese, then a maple bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich, and finally, The King’s Sub Stacker – steak, lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese and mayonnaise. The winner was… The King’s Sub Stacker!

👑 Hen Cloud House 👑

Our Hen Cloud House residents love a good sandwich so they really enjoyed this activity. Together they chose the feta cheese, tomato and fresh rocket sandwich. One of King Charles’ favourite dishes is feta-baked eggs so we reckon he would love this sandwich!

👑 Shepley House 👑

Cook team member Kaylee created a sharing platter of delicious sandwiches for residents to enjoy. They said they loved them all! The Ham and Cheese Toastie came out on top and the residents really enjoyed tucking into the sandwiches.

Thank you to everyone who took part in this fun activity!