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Person Centred Software

We are very pleased to announce that Borough Care is introducing mobile care monitoring to our homes.

Bamford Close, in Cale Green, is the first home to start using the software this week and we have plans to roll it out to our other homes throughout 2018.

As technology improves so does our opportunity to transform the care we offer our residents. Person Centred Software will make us more efficient and improve the records we keep, but most importantly, it will allow us to do more of what we do best; spend time caring for our residents.

All care staff will be trained in using mobile handheld devices with a system based on simple, easy to use icons. It takes only moments to capture a record of the care we deliver and will ensure we have consistent, secure and completely up to date records for everyone we care for; available the instant we need them.

This software will also allow us to share relevant pieces of information easily with families, through a secure portal on our website called the Relatives Gateway. Families can find out what activities their loved one has been taking part in and hear how they are feeling, as well as being able to keep up to date on any health or medication issues. The Relatives Gateway will become available once the system is fully in place across our homes.

Valerie Egan, Head of Care, says: “We have seen how well this system works in other care homes across the UK, freeing up staff to spend more time with residents and less time on administrative tasks. It’s a change to how we do things, but I have no doubt it will transform our care services for the better.”