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Sock Pairing At Borough Care

Residents at Borough Care’s Silverdale home in Bredbury marked National Lost Sock Day by taking part in a sock pairing session.  Sock pairing is part of a regular programme of activities Borough Care puts on for its residents.

Lindsay Hadfield, Activity Lifestyle Facilitator at Silverdale, says: “Sock pairing is a soothing and relaxing activity, which is particularly beneficial for residents who can get anxious.  We throw lots of different socks onto a table and off we go pairing them up.  Sock pairing comes naturally to lots of our female residents and once a good conversation gets going this activity is enjoyed for a good hour. The conversations range from women doing all the household chores in the past, to remembering when they were children watching their mums doing the same job. The sock pairing activity brings back lots of memories of doing household chores and is a great way for residents to reminisce, which is especially positive for residents with dementia.”

Where all the missing socks go is a long standing conundrum; with many people having piles of odd socks at the back of their sock drawer.  National Lost Sock Day (9th May) is a special day for people to mourn all their lost socks.