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The Rhythm of Life in Colour

As you will know, at Borough Care, our ethos is all about living life in colour.

Our whole approach, embraced by our wonderful staff, is to encourage every resident to live their most fulfilled and valuable lives, focused on quality relationships, for the well-being and happiness of all those who choose to live with us.

And, we’re not letting the steps we’re taking to prevent the spread of Covid 19 distract us from our approach.

Each day, we find new and fun things to do; to stimulate imaginations and generate feelings of positivity and happiness around all our homes.

It will come as no surprise that music has been one of our most powerful tools in this quest:

Over at Bruce Lodge, our staff had great fun organising a karaoke party for residents. We were so busy belting out old-time classics; enjoying a couple of drinks; and having a good old boogie, that we managed to forget our worries and have a fabulous time.

At Bryn Haven, they have opened Shaz’s Bar! Named after one of our carers, who loves to fill a drinks trolley to wheel around our home, chatting as she goes, and designing cocktails of choice! Bryn Haven also took this opportunity to get their karaoke machine out for a belting sing-along.

We’ve also been making the most of the internet by broadcasting live entertainment. At Silverdale, residents enjoyed a live performance by singer Deborah Taylor Smith, who sang lots of classic songs. Everyone joined in and staff also brought out the drinks trolley for a sneaky afternoon spritzer.

Borough Care favourites, Lisa and Adam, performed live on Facebook, which was streamed directly into the conservatory at Bryn Haven and all of our other homes. Lisa and Adam called the performance the ‘The Big Care Home Gig’ and we all had a blast! The residents were so chuffed to be able to see Lisa and Adam after so long they really got into the spirit of the gig, even starting an impromptu conga!

Music is also helping our staff keep a cheerful smile on their face. This amazing video, uploaded to Tik Tok, by staff at Wellcroft shows what a fantastic job everyone is doing keeping each other’s spirits up.

We want to reassure the families of all those living with us that we are doing our utmost to stimulate your loved one’s mental health as much as their physical health during this pandemic. Whilst we know that everyone misses each other, we won’t be in isolation forever; so in the meantime, we’ll keep dancing to the rhythm of life in colour!

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