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The Voices for Colourful Lives project – Have your say in how your loved ones are cared for

What is the Voices for Colourful Lives project?

Borough Care is working with Community Catalysts on a project called Voices for Colourful Lives. The project, initiated by the Borough Care Board, aims to give families, friends and residents a greater say in how they are supported by Borough Care.

How can I help?

We’d love to hear about what is working well for you and your loved ones, as well as things that we could do better. If you’re one of our residents or a family member or friend, your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

So far, almost 100 residents and relatives have been involved in the project and Community Catalysts would like to hear you.

Discover the impact of the Voices for Colourful Lives project so far.

How can I share my views with you?

Borough Care and Community Catalysts are particularly interested in your experience of helping a loved one move into one of our homes, as well as any advice that you could share with families who are new to Borough Care.

To have your say, please call Claire Slatter on 07407 789131 or email

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