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Voices for Colourful Lives Project

We’re committed to our ethos of ‘Life in Colour’ which means doing everything we can to make sure that each and every resident is able to live in a way, which reflects who they are; their unique experiences; their abilities; and their hopes and dreams. We are working with social enterprise, Community Catalysts, on this innovative project. The initiative is ground-breaking for social care for older people in the UK, and by working with an experienced partner, we are able to build on similar schemes in the NHS, social housing and other services. Heading up the project is Claire Slatter. Here, we chat to Claire about what’s next for this innovative initiative, and find out more about how you can get involved.


Can you tell us a bit about the project?

‘Borough Care and Community Catalysts are working in collaboration on a three-year project. We want to create a new way for families and people who are resident to influence how people are supported by Borough Care. This work has been initiated by the Borough Care Board and they are keen to ensure that your input informs the company’s strategy.’

Why is being involved in the project so important to you?

‘I feel a personal connection to the project as my mother lived in a Borough Care home for over three years , where she received excellent care.’

What kind of themes are explored?

‘Themes covered so far have been communication, personalised lifestyles, food, drink and mealtimes, gardens and going out, moving in to a Borough Care home, health and wellbeing, sleep and night time routines. Each quarter Community Catalysts works with everyone involved to pick a theme which feels timely and relevant.’

Who has been involved so far?

‘The project started in October 2020. So far, all of Borough Care’s homes have been involved. Community Catalysts have heard from at least 100 residents and and over twenty families – but we would really like to hear many more voices.’

What’s the process for families who want to get involved?

‘We start by discussing this with family members and people who live at Borough Care, often with the support of staff. We then report back to the Borough Care board who then decide to implement any changes they feel necessary.’

What’s next for the project?

‘We have created a short questionnaire for you to complete about communication between families and Borough Care. You can take the survey here.’

‘This spring and early summer we want to start to review what we have been doing, to assess how it is going. We are really keen to hear from lots more families who have loved ones in Borough Care homes. If you would like to be involved, or just want more details, get in touch for a chat on 07407 789131 or email me at’